Are you feeling overwhelmed with the day-to-day bookkeeping your business requires!

Does it feel like you just can't keep up?

Do you feel like you just don't have the time?

Do you feel disorganized and buried by heaps of paperwork at tax time?

Do you think you cannot afford a solution?

Dedicated to Helping You Understand: Just like you, I am a business owner. 

So, you're getting more than just bookkeeping and accounting services. You're getting someone who understands and can anticipate your needs.

We are not your traditional bookkeeping service, trading dollars for hours.  Our flat rate service packages are based on value and results.  There are no surprises.

Services are done virtually (leveraging internet-based software technologies, or cloud-based software to enhance productivity).

We create non-traditional work environments that take advantage of remote or part-time resources, not requiring the expense of full-time staff who may not be fully utilized.

Specializing in QuickBooks

Bookkeeping Evaluations

  • To gain a thorough understanding of the current status of your bookkeeping file and practices, and match those to your needs and the needs of your business.

General Bookkeeping

  • To be the offsite/virtual bookkeeper for a business owner who does not know how or does not have time to perform their own bookkeeping and does not have a staff person to do it.
  • We offer Bookkeeping Packages for weekly, monthly, quarterly bookkeeping
    Basic, Plus & Premium
    Each of these includes the one before it, Plus includes Basic and Premium includes Basic and Plus.

QuickBooks Company Data File Setup

  • To create a new QuickBooks company data file providing the right setup for the client's business needs.
  • Basic level
  • Complex level

QuickBooks Company Data File Clean Up

  • To correct various areas in a client's QuickBooks company data file.
  •  If the integrity of the data has been compromised, starting over with a new QuickBooks company file would be the most reasonable option.

Financial Data Overview

  •  To review the client's QuickBooks data file on a monthly basis.

Financial Reporting

  • Standard Report
  • Customized Reports

Income Tax Returns

  • Processed in conjunction with an affiliated Tax Professional
  • Katie Keifer, CPA

Payroll Processing                                                           

  • Payroll Services, Inc. from Delphos, OH
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